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(C57BL/6 x C3H)F1
phenotype observed in females WTSI Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
phenotype observed in males EuPh Europhenome
N normal phenotype
• 50% of founder females develop ovarian tumors by 6-13 weeks of age (J:82550)
• ovaries are nearly completely substituted by poorly differentiated neoplastic cells with hyperchromatic nuclei and polygonal to oval eosinophilic cytoplasm (J:82550)
• tumor invades the omentum, the mesentery, and the parietal and visceral serosa (J:82550)
• ovary tumors are poorly differentiated carcinomas with i.p. metastatic dissemination (J:82550)
• testicular tumors are seen in 7 of 25 male founders (J:82550)
• testicular tumors are poorly differentiated Sertoli cell tumors (J:82550)

reproductive system
• female founders are infertile, probably due to early development of ovarian tumors (J:82550)

renal/urinary system
• two female founders were found to have cystic kidneys (J:82550)

• often bloody ascites are present in the abdominal cavity of founders with tumors

Mouse Models of Human Disease
Ovarian Cancer 167000 J:82550