Mouse Genome Informatics
phenotype observed in females WTSI Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
phenotype observed in males EuPh Europhenome
N normal phenotype
• trace fear conditioning response is impaired when the intertraining interval is 15 or 26 min but not when the intertraining interval is 37 or 60 min (J:142806)
• poor performance in an 8 arm radial maze (J:142806)
• performance is poor compared to controls when mice are trained in a 4 arm maze and tested 24 h later in an 8 arm maze but not when testing occurs 48 h after training (J:142806)

nervous system
• at P23 and P90 severe depletion of synaptic vesicles is seen in synaptic terminals in the stratum radiatum of the CA1 region of the hippocampus (J:142806)
• display an increased facilitation during the initial phase to tetanic stimulation (J:142806)
• at the end of the train synapses reach a milder depression plateau (J:142806)
• decrease in the depression in glutamate release following multiple pulses of KCL (J:142806)
• glutamate release evoked by 15 nm KCL is reduced (J:142806)

Mouse Models of Human Disease
Mental Retardation, X-Linked 41; MRX41 300849 J:142806