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involves: 129S2/SvPas * C57BL/6
phenotype observed in females
phenotype observed in males
N normal phenotype
hematopoietic system
• discoid platelets have enlarged diameter compared to wild-type
• platelets display 2-fold increase in number of microtubules
• platelet counts are reduced by 73%

• 52% of mice bled for more than 20 minutes compared to 82% of wild-type having bleeding times of <12 minutes
• platelet adhesion from blood at high shear forces (3000 s-1) is nearly abolished (83% decrease) relative to wild-type blood; platelet adhesion and aggregation is 50-60% of wild-type at a shear rate of 1500 s-1
• in vivo, application of FeCl3 produces stable occlusion in 62.5% of arteries after 30 minutes compared to 75% in wild-type; thrombi are less extensive than wild-type with little sign of degranulation
• laser beam-induced superficial lesions of mesenteric arterioles results in thrombi with surface area decreased by 45% compared to wild-type while initial thrombus growth after severe lesion is delayed but reaches comparable size at later times

Mouse Models of Human Disease
Bernard-Soulier Syndrome; BSS 231200 J:135065