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involves: 129S1/Sv * 129S6/SvEvTac * C57BL/6 * C57BL/6J
phenotype observed in females
phenotype observed in males
N normal phenotype
• begin to die at about 5 months of age; 50% die by around 11 months of age and none survive beyond 16 months of age

endocrine/exocrine glands
• 10- and 41-fold increase in the size of thyroid glands at 3-6 months of age and 12-15 months of age, respectively

respiratory system
• respiratory distress due to the compression of the trachea by he enlarged thyroid glands

• spontaneously develop follicular thyroid carcinoma through the pathological progression of hyperplasia, capsular and vascular invasion, anaplasia, and eventually metastasis to the lung but not the lymph nodes