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involves: 129P2/OlaHsd * C57BL/6J
phenotype observed in females
phenotype observed in males
N normal phenotype
• amount of plasma Apo B81 protein is about 10% of wild-type Apo B100 levels (J:36426)
• total plasma ApoB levels in males are decreased by 38% in males and by 32% in females (J:113171)
• total cholesterol levels are 18% lower in males and 24% lower in females compared to wild-type levels
• triglyceride secretion is reduced by 32% compared to wild-type (1.36 mg/h/g liver vs 1.99 mg/h/g liver in wild-type)
• under basal conditions, Apo B81 is cleared more rapidly from plasma than Apo B100

nervous system
• 2% (4/244) pups develop hydroencephaly by 3-5 weeks of age

Mouse Models of Human Disease
Hypobetalipoproteinemia, Familial, 2; FHBL2 605019 J:36426 , J:113171