Excel File Text File All mouse models of hyperekplexia 1 with phenotypic similarity to the human disease
        Disease Term Allelic Composition Genetic Background Reference Phenotypes
      hyperekplexia 1 Glra1spd-ot9J/Glra1spd-ot9J B6.Cg-Glra1spd-ot9J/GrsrJ J:234690 View
hyperekplexia 1 Glra1spd/Glra1spd involves: A/HeJ J:33924 View
hyperekplexia 1 Glra1tm1Betz/Glra1tm1Betz B6.129P2-Glra1tm1Betz J:117236 View
hyperekplexia 1 Glra1tm1Rah/Glra1+ involves: 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6J J:85341 View
hyperekplexia 1 Tg(Thy1-GLRA1*R271Q)300Wha/0 involves: C57BL/6 * DBA/2 J:76009 View
hyperekplexia 1 Tg(Thy1-GLRA1*R271Q)382Wha/Tg(Thy1-GLRA1*R271Q)382Wha involves: C57BL/6 * DBA/2 J:76009 View