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Table pub.mgd.all_allele
A record in this table represents one Allele. An Allele is any of the alternative forms of a gene occupying a given locus; any one of several mutational forms of a gene. In MGI, allelic variants are associated with phenotypes. See ALL_Marker_Assoc.

A transgenic Allele will contain a Strain of Origin, and a new Strain can then be bred from this trangene. This new Strain will be associated with the transgenic allele (see PRB_Strain, PRB_Strain_Marker). For example, see TR11000/MMRRC/UC-Davis. For example: MGI:4847055/Tg(Foxi2-EGFP)HX217Gsat, strain of origin: FVB/NTac. New Strain: MGI:5003868/STOCK Tg(Foxi2-EGFP)HX217Gsat/Mmucd associated with MGI:5003868/Tg(Foxi2-EGFP)HX217Gsat via PRB_Strain/PRB_Strain_Marker.

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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
_allele_key serial 10  √  nextval('all_allele_seq'::regclass)
all_allele_cellline._allele_key all_allele_cellline__allele_key_fkey C
all_allele_mutation._allele_key all_allele_mutation__allele_key_fkey C
all_cre_cache._allele_key all_cre_cache__allele_key_fkey C
all_knockout_cache._allele_key all_knockout_cache__allele_key_fkey R
all_label._allele_key all_label__allele_key_fkey C
all_variant._allele_key all_variant__allele_key_fkey C
gxd_allelegenotype._allele_key gxd_allelegenotype__allele_key_fkey R
gxd_allelepair._allele_key_1 gxd_allelepair__allele_key_1_fkey R
gxd_allelepair._allele_key_2 gxd_allelepair__allele_key_2_fkey R
mld_expt_marker._allele_key mld_expt_marker__allele_key_fkey R
prb_allele._allele_key Implied Constraint R
prb_strain_marker._allele_key prb_strain_marker__allele_key_fkey R
seq_allele_assoc._allele_key seq_allele_assoc__allele_key_fkey C
voc_allele_cache._allele_key voc_allele_cache__allele_key_fkey R
primary key
_marker_key int4 10  √  null
mrk_marker._marker_key all_allele__marker_key_fkey R
foreign key to MRK_Marker; foreign key to ALL_Marker_Assoc
_strain_key int4 10
prb_strain._strain_key all_allele__strain_key_fkey R
foreign key to PRB_Strain; the Strain Of Origin; for Transgenes this is the Strain fro which the mutation was made
_mode_key int4 10
voc_term._term_key all_allele__mode_key_fkey R
foreign key to VOC_Term where _Vocab_key = 35 (Allele Inheritance Mode); 'Semidominant', 'Codominant'
_allele_type_key int4 10
voc_term._term_key all_allele__allele_type_key_fkey R
foreign key to VOC_Term where _Vocab_key = 38 (Allele Type); 'Spontaneous', 'Targeted', 'Gene trapped'
_allele_status_key int4 10
voc_term._term_key all_allele__allele_status_key_fkey R
foreign key to VOC_Term where _Vocab_key = 37 (Allele Status); 'In Progress', 'Deleted', 'Reserved', 'Approved', 'Autoload'
_transmission_key int4 10
voc_term._term_key all_allele__transmission_key_fkey R
foreign key to VOC_Term where _Vocab_key = 61 (Allele Transmission); 'Germline', 'Cell Line', 'Chimeric'
_collection_key int4 10
voc_term._term_key all_allele__collection_key_fkey R
foreign key to VOC_Term where _Vocab_key = 92
(Allele Collection); 'KOMP-CSD', 'NorCOMM', 'EUCOMM'
symbol text 2147483647 Allele Symbol; includes the Marker symbol
name text 2147483647 Allele Name
iswildtype int2 5 if 1, Allele is a wild type allele, else 0
isextinct int2 5 if 1 (yes), then the Allele is extinct, else 0
ismixed int2 5 if 1 (yes), then the Allele is mixed (from both male and female mice), else 0
_refs_key int4 10  √  null
bib_refs._refs_key all_allele__refs_key_fkey R
_markerallele_status_key int4 10
voc_term._term_key all_allele__markerallele_status_key_fkey R
_createdby_key int4 10 1001
mgi_user._user_key all_allele__createdby_key_fkey R
user who created the record
_modifiedby_key int4 10 1001
mgi_user._user_key all_allele__modifiedby_key_fkey R
user who last modified the record
_approvedby_key int4 10  √  null
mgi_user._user_key all_allele__approvedby_key_fkey R
user who approved record (foreign key to MGI_User)
approval_date timestamp 29,6  √  now() date record was statused as "Approved"
creation_date timestamp 29,6 now() date record was created
modification_date timestamp 29,6 now() date record was last modified

Table contained 769,801 rows at Mon Sep 11 06:12 EDT 2023

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
_allele_key Primary key, Used to cluster data Asc all_allele_pkey
_allele_status_key Performance Asc all_allele_idx_allele_status_key
_allele_type_key Performance Asc all_allele_idx_allele_type_key
_marker_key Performance Asc all_allele_idx_clustered
_collection_key Performance Asc all_allele_idx_collection_key
_createdby_key Performance Asc all_allele_idx_createdby_key
creation_date Performance Asc all_allele_idx_creation_date
_markerallele_status_key Performance Asc all_allele_idx_markerallele_status_key
_mode_key Performance Asc all_allele_idx_mode_key
modification_date Performance Asc all_allele_idx_modification_date
_modifiedby_key Performance Asc all_allele_idx_modifiedby_key
name Performance Asc all_allele_idx_name
_strain_key Performance Asc all_allele_idx_strain_key
symbol Performance Asc all_allele_idx_symbol
_transmission_key Performance Asc all_allele_idx_transmission_key

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