Gene Expression Images

About This Image

This image is a compilation illustrating some of the various assay types available in GXD: whole-mount RNA in situ hybridization (left), immunohistochemically-stained sections (upper right), and RT-PCR assays (lower right). The images in their entirety and links to the experimental details can be found at MGI:3500349, MGI:2676207, MGI:3623377 respectively.

Gene Expression Images in GXD

Whenever possible, the text annotations of expression results in GXD are complemented by images of the original expression data. Expression images come from journal articles (used with the publisher's permission) or are submitted by contributors. There are two ways to find expression images in MGI:
  • Using the link on gene detail pages
    A summary of all the expression data and images for a gene can be accessed by clicking on the Images link in the Expression row of that gene's detail page.

  • Using GXD query forms
    Gene expression data queries using the customizable search form allow users to retrieve gene expression data by gene symbol, functional annotation, tissue, developmental stage, etc., or a combination of factors. This form can be accessed via the Gene Expression Database main page, or from the Search drop down menu in the dark blue bar at the top of any MGI page, following the field for Expression to the Gene Expression Data Query. All images meeting the defined search parameters can be found in the Images tab above the results table.
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