How do I find expression data for a specific gene and tissue?

You can find all expression data for a given gene from the Expression row on the Gene Detail page, or use the Gene Expression Data Query to run a search of specific interest to you using customizable parameters.

Gene Detail Page, Expression row
Accessing the Gene Expression Data Query Form
On most MGI pages, you can access the Gene Expression Data Query form from the Search dropdown menu as shown in the image at right.

For this tutorial, open the Gene Expression Data Search Form in a new window.

Search Menu GXD QF Screen Shot

Example 1. Finding expression data in the mouse brain for gene Ptch1
  1. Type Ptch1 into the Genes nomenclature text box.

  2. Type brain into the Anatomical Structures text box and select brain from the list that appears. Theiler stage ranges ("TS17–28" for "brain") accompany each anatomical structure indicating developmental stages where a given tissue exists. To restrict your search to a specific embryonic or adult stage, use the box to the right.

  3. If desired, also select other options to target your your search, including wildtype or mutant specific expression, and preferred assay type(s).

    To run a search for expression in a set of tissues and/or during a particular developmental stage and not in others, use the Differential Expression Search tab. See here for more on the Differential Expression search.

  4. Click Search.
GXD QF Screen Shot

  1. The Results table indicates the genes for which data is returned, assays (independent experiments with references), assay results, images, tissue x stage matrix and tissue by gene matrix in t he tabs along the top.
  2. To see more about each of these tabs, read on in How do I interpret the results of my expression search?

  3. To proceed with this example, remain on the Assay Results tab shown
  4. Filter the table using the options above the table (which filters all tabs simultaneously), or sort individual tables by clicking on the arrows in the headers. Note that both "Detected" and "Not Detected" results will appear unless specified in the Anatomical structure or stage section of the query. To change the search parameters, use the Click to modify search button which remains at the top of the page.
GXD Search Results Screen Shot

  1. Click the data hyperlink in the Result Details column on the Assay results tab to view details from assays that examined Ptch1 expression in the brain.

  2. Click on the triangle toggles to expand specimen details.
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