Excel File Text File All mouse models of nephronophthisis with phenotypic similarity to the human disease
        Disease Term Allelic Composition Genetic Background Reference Phenotypes
      nephronophthisis 2 Invsinv/Invsinv involves: FVB/N J:132552 View
nephronophthisis 3 Nphp3pcy/Nphp3tm1Cbe involves: C57BL/6 * CD-1 * KK/Upj J:139258 View
nephronophthisis 3 Nphp3pcy/Nphp3pcy involves: KK J:91453 View
nephronophthisis 4 Nphp4nmf192/Nphp4nmf192 involves: C57BL/6J J:167232 View
nephronophthisis 7 Glis2tm1Tre/Glis2tm1Tre B6.129P2-Glis2tm1Tre J:123510 View
      nephronophthisis Cntrlb2b1468.1Clo/Cntrlb2b1468.1Clo C57BL/6J-Cntrlb2b1468.1Clo J:175213 View
nephronophthisis Wwtr1tm1Whun/Wwtr1tm1Whun either: (involves: 129S6/SvEvTac) or (involves: 129S6/SvEvTac * C57BL/6) J:119488 View
nephronophthisis Ahi1tm1Jgg/Ahi1+
involves: 129P2/OlaHsd * 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ J:154321 View
nephronophthisis Ahi1tm1Jgg/Ahi1tm1Jgg
involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ J:154321 View

No similarity to the expected human disease phenotype was found.
        Disease Term Allelic Composition Genetic Background Reference Phenotypes
NOT Models      nephronophthisis 1 Nphp1tm1.1Hung/Nphp1tm1.1Hung B6.Cg-Nphp1tm1.1Hung J:140205 View