How do I get a full list of all transgenes and knock-ins that express recombinase?
You can use the tools listed under "Access Data" to find transgenes that express recombinase.

Retrieve All Alleles

On most MGI pages, you can access the Recombinase (cre) Activity page from the Search menu as shown in the image at right. From the homepage, you can also access this page by clicking on the "Recombinases (cre)" header or icon.

For this tutorial, open the Recombinase (cre) Activity page in a new window. Scroll down this page for further instructions. The Retrieve All Alleles section gives you access to HTML and tab-delimited lists of all recombinase strains present in the database.

To find cre recombinase transgenes under the control of a specific promoter, see here

To find cre recombinase transgenes expressed in a specific tissue, structure or organ system here.

Search Menu update

Example 1. HTML version with clickable links
  1. Click the MGI Recombinase Alleles Report to open the HTML version in a new tab.
HTML list update
  1. The MGI recombinase alleles report will appear, sorted alphabetically by Driver in the first column. This indicates the promoter used to drive cre expression.
  2. Click the allele symbol (second column) to see the allele detail page, and use the links in the IMSR column to see purchasing information for strains that have been deposited for commercial distribution with repositories indexed by the International Mouse Strain Resource.
HTML report
  1. The allele detail page includes mutation information and a summary of reported recombinase activity. Click the triangles next to row and table features to expand if they are not visible, or for greater detail. Clicking individual check marks will open Recombinase Activity detail pages which display images (where available), patterns of expression, methodology and references associated with each annotation.
  2. If you have used this recombinase and have evidence for activity (or no activity) which is not represented in the table, please submit it to MGI using the form located at the Your Observations Welcome button.
Allele detail recombinase

Example 2. Tab-delimited version
  1. Click the link to Tab-delimited version or right-click and Save Link As to view or download a list of all recombinase alleles.
tab-delimited list