How do I find a recombinase-expressing transgene or knock-in that is expressed in a specific tissue?
Find Recombinase-Carrying Alleles
On most MGI pages, you can access the Recombinase (cre) Activity page from the Search menu as shown in the image at right. From the homepage, you can also access this page by clicking on the "Recombinases (cre)" header or icon.

For this tutorial, open the Recombinase (cre) Activity page in a new window. Scroll down this page for further instructions. The Access Data section allows you to search for recombinase expression in a specified tissue or under the control of a given gene.

Search Menu

Example 1. Finding a transgene expressing recombinase in the heart.
  1. Begin typing heart into the text box below Recombinase activity in, and select the term when it appears in the drop down list.

    If an anatomical term is displayed in black, at least one allele has had recombinase activity annotated to that term. Terms which appear in grey do not currently have a cre allele with reported activity in that tissue or structure.

  2. Click Search.
  1. A summary table will appear which lists all alleles with cre recombinase activity assayed in the heart.
  2. Gene driver (promoter) appears in the first column, and the third and fourth columns indicate organ systems where recombinase activity has been reported as present or absent (respectively) with the organ system containing your search term bolded.

    Activity detected or not detected may only apply to certain structures within those organ systems, please click on the allele symbol for full details. If the column is blank, or an organ system does not appear in either column, no information has been reported.

  3. References which have used each specific transgene are listed in the References column at the far right, and a link to purchasing information will appear in the Find Mice (IMSR) column if a mouse carrying this transgene has been deposited for commercial or public distribution with the International Mouse Strain Repository. Click on headers to sort by column.
  4. Click the allele symbol 1700009P17Riktm1.1(icre)Heli to go to the Allele Detail Page.
cardiovascular results summary
  1. In the Targeted Allele Detail page that appears, you can find detailed information about this allele including:

    • Molecular details. Click the triangle next to Mutation to expand. The original article describing this recombinase is linked by the J:#
    • A tabled summary of reported cre recombinase activity within organ systems and across developmental stages. Click the triangle next to each organ system to expand to more specific structures.
    • Direct links to images providing evidence for recombinase activity annotations, if available.
    • If you have used this recombinase and have evidence for activity (or no activity) which is not represented in the table, please submit it to MGI using the form located at the Your Observations Welcome button.
  2. Click on one of the check marks to go to a Recombinase Activity Detail page.

Targeted Allele Recombinase activity
  1. The Recombinase Activity Detail page is specific to the selected organ system. In it, you can find links to more detailed data on recombinase gene expression and activity such as level of activity, pattern of expression, assay type used to determine activity and images (where available). The table can be sorted by clicking on column headers.
  2. To view images, click on a corner, hold the mouse down, and drag to resize. The Reset Images button will return them to thumbnails.
Nes Allele Recombinase Activity