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Table pub.mgd.voc_vocab
A record in this table represents a Vocabulary. Different versions of the same Vocabulary are represented by records with different names (as in GO 1.0, GO 2.0, etc).

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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
_vocab_key int4 10
dag_node_view._vocab_key Implied Constraint R
mgi_propertytype._vocab_key mgi_propertytype__vocab_key_fkey R
mgi_relationship_category._evidencevocab_key mgi_relationship_category__evidencevocab_key_fkey R
mgi_relationship_category._qualifiervocab_key mgi_relationship_category__qualifiervocab_key_fkey R
mgi_relationship_category._relationshipvocab_key mgi_relationship_category__relationshipvocab_key_fkey R
mgi_translationtype._vocab_key mgi_translationtype__vocab_key_fkey R
mrk_biotypemapping._biotypevocab_key mrk_biotypemapping__biotypevocab_key_fkey R
voc_annot_view._vocab_key Implied Constraint R
voc_annottype._evidencevocab_key voc_annottype__evidencevocab_key_fkey R
voc_annottype._qualifiervocab_key voc_annottype__qualifiervocab_key_fkey R
voc_annottype._vocab_key voc_annottype__vocab_key_fkey C
voc_term._vocab_key voc_term__vocab_key_fkey R
voc_term_repqualifier_view._vocab_key Implied Constraint R
voc_term_view._vocab_key Implied Constraint R
voc_termfamily_view._vocab_key Implied Constraint R
voc_vocabdag._vocab_key voc_vocabdag__vocab_key_fkey C
primary key
_refs_key int4 10
bib_refs._refs_key voc_vocab__refs_key_fkey R
foreign key to BIB_Refs
_logicaldb_key int4 10
acc_logicaldb._logicaldb_key voc_vocab__logicaldb_key_fkey R
foreign key to ACC_LogicalDB; identifies the logical DB for the Accession IDs of the Vocabulary Terms
issimple int2 5  √  null if 1, the Vocabulary is a simple vocabulary (no DAG), else the Vocabulary is structured (has 1 or more DAGS)
isprivate int2 5  √  null if 1, then the Accession IDs of the Vocabulary Terms are private, else they are public
name text 2147483647 vocabulary name
creation_date timestamp 29,6 now() date record was created
modification_date timestamp 29,6 now() date record was last modified

Table contained 168 rows at Mon Sep 11 06:12 EDT 2023

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
_vocab_key Primary key Asc voc_vocab_pkey
name + _vocab_key Must be unique Asc/Asc voc_vocab_idx_name
_refs_key Performance Asc voc_vocab_idx_refs_key

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