Strain and SNP Data
About Strain Image

The image below shows 4 inbred strains. The strains shown are (clockwise from the upper left corner) C57BL/6J, C3H/HeJ, DBA/2J, and A/J.

Strain Data in MGI

Read summaries of the Characteristics of Inbred Strains of Mice and Rats by M. Festing.

About SNP Image

The image shown here is a portion of the query results generated using the Mouse SNP Query form in MGI. Users can query for all SNP assays for one or more strains. A reference strain can be selected to look for SNP differences for a genomic region or within a specific gene.

SNP Data in MGI

SNP data from dbSNP have been integrated with other genetic, genomic, and biological data in MGI. Here are two ways to find SNP data in MGI:
  • Using SNP Query Form
    Queries allow selection of the strains and genes or genomic regions of interest and allow designation of a reference strain for same/different comparisons. For detailed instructions see the following:

    How do I find all known coding SNPs in a specific genomic location for one or more strains? FAQ

  • Using the link on gene detail pages
    A summary of all the SNPs within 2kb of a gene can be accessed via a link in the Polymorphism section of a gene's detail page.