Parent term(s)
Child term(s)
is-a acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis
is-a adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma
is-a aleutian mink disease
is-a anogenital venereal wart
is-a Arenaviridae infectious disease
is-a Argentine hemorrhagic fever
is-a Barmah Forest virus disease
is-a Bolivian hemorrhagic fever
is-a borna disease
is-a Brazilian hemorrhagic fever
is-a Chapare hemorrhagic fever
is-a chickenpox
is-a chikungunya
is-a Colorado tick fever
is-a common wart
is-a contagious pustular dermatitis
is-a Coronavirus infectious disease +
is-a cowpox
is-a Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever
is-a dengue disease +
is-a Eastern equine encephalitis
is-a Ebola hemorrhagic fever
is-a epidemic pleurodynia
is-a exanthema subitum
is-a focal epithelial hyperplasia
is-a hand, foot and mouth disease
is-a Hantavirus hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome +
is-a hantavirus pulmonary syndrome
is-a hepatitis A
is-a hepatitis B
is-a hepatitis C
is-a hepatitis D
is-a hepatitis E
is-a herpangina +
is-a herpes simplex +
is-a herpes zoster
is-a human cytomegalovirus infection
is-a human immunodeficiency virus infectious disease +
is-a Human papillomavirus infectious disease
is-a infectious mononucleosis
is-a influenza +
is-a Japanese encephalitis
is-a Kaposi's sarcoma
is-a Kyasanur forest disease +
is-a La Crosse encephalitis
is-a Lassa fever
is-a louping ill
is-a lujo hemorrhagic fever
is-a lymphocytic choriomeningitis
is-a Marburg hemorrhagic fever
is-a measles
is-a milker's nodule
is-a molluscum contagiosum
is-a monkeypox
is-a Murray Valley encephalitis
is-a Newcastle disease
is-a Nipah virus encephalitis
is-a Omsk hemorrhagic fever
is-a O'nyong'nyong fever
is-a Oropouche fever
is-a pharyngoconjunctival fever
is-a Phlebotomus fever
is-a plantar wart
is-a poliomyelitis +
is-a progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy
is-a rabies
is-a respiratory syncytial virus infectious disease
is-a Rift Valley fever
is-a Ross River fever
is-a smallpox +
is-a St. Louis encephalitis
is-a subacute sclerosing panencephalitis
is-a tick-borne encephalitis +
is-a tropical spastic paraparesis
is-a vaccinia
is-a Venezuelan equine encephalitis
is-a Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever
is-a viral encephalitis
is-a viral esophagitis
is-a viral exanthem +
is-a viral gastritis +
is-a viral hepatitis +
is-a viral labyrinthitis
is-a viral laryngitis
is-a viral meningitis
is-a viral pneumonia
is-a Western equine encephalitis
is-a West Nile encephalitis +
is-a West Nile fever
is-a Whitewater Arroyo hemorrhagic fever
is-a yellow fever
is-a Zika fever

is-a denotes an 'is-a' relationship