Excel File Text File All mouse models of reproductive organ benign neoplasm with phenotypic similarity to the human disease
        Disease Term Allelic Composition Genetic Background Reference Phenotypes
      dermoid cyst of ovary Foxo3mommeR1/Foxo3mommeR1
FVB/NJ-Foxo3mommeR1 Tg(HBA1-Gfp)1Ew J:170710 View
uterine fibroid Tsc2tm1.1Mjg/Tsc2tm1.1Mjg
involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ J:221228 View
Transgenes and
Other Mutations
     dermoid cyst of ovary Tg(Amh-SMAD2*)#Jebu/0 FVB/N-Tg(Amh-SMAD2*)#Jebu J:200783 View