Interpreting a Probe and Clone Data Summary
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This help document describes how to interpret a cDNA Clone Source Data Summary. In the summarized results, each probe/clone accession ID is highlighted and linked to the detail report for that probe/clone. Probes and markers may be associated by sequence identities, hybridization, or putative relationships. We are exploring ways to make this summary more useful to you, for a future release.

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Nucleotide Probe/Clone AccIDMGI Accession ID for the probe/clone, linked to the detailed record for the probe/clone.
Name Name of the probe/clone.
Clone Collection Name of the collection to which the clone belongs.
Seq Type Sequence Type of the probe/clone. May be one of the following: cDNA, genomic, DNA, mitochondrial, oligo, primer, RNA, or Not Specified (i.e., the provider did not supply this information).
Seq Link?Indicates whether there is a Sequence Accession ID associated with the probe/clone.
Markers Symbols for the markers associated with the probe/clone. If the probe is putatively associated with a marker in the MGI database, PUTATIVE appears in parentheses after the marker symbol.
Chr The chromosome to which the marker is assigned, and, enclosed in parentheses, the cM position or cytogenetic band. Location information shown varies, depending on available data.