Interpreting (Phenotypic) Image Details

This help document answers the following questions about the (Phenotypic) Image Detail Report.

What should show up on this report?

The following information appears on an Image Detail report:

How do I access this report?

To access an Image Detail report:

  1. Use the Phenotypes, Alleles, and Disease Models Query Form to search for an allele. The Phenotypic Alleles Query Results -- Summary report appears.
  2. Click an allele on the Summary report. The Phenotypic Allele Detail report appears.
  3. If there is an image for this allele or phenotype, it appears at the top right of the Phenotypic Allele Detail report. The Mutation description section may also contain images that define the mutation. Click on an image to access the Image Detail report.

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How do I interpret the information on the (Phenotype) Image Details report?

ImageTwo types of images may appear on these pages:
  • An image of a mouse (or mice) displaying the phenotype caused by the mutation of interest and, if available, the control mouse
  • A mutation description image that defines the mutation.
(This section may not appear if the image is not associated with any genotypes.)
Details about the phenotype or allelic affect on the mouse/mice displayed in the image; designation of the control mouse, if one appears.
CopyrightIncludes image origin, copyright, photo credit, and permission-to-display information.
Associated AllelesA list of alleles that this image is associated with, arranged alphabetically by allele symbol.
SymbolAllele symbol, linked to its Phenotypic Allele Detail report. Example: MitfMi-wh
NameGene name, semicolon, allele name. Example: microphthalmia-associated transcription factor; white
Associated Genotypes
(This section may not appear if the image is not associated with any genotypes.)
Allelic Composition Genotype of each allele, linked to its MGI Allele Detail report.
Genetic Background Mouse strain(s) involved, if known.