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Table pub.mgd.gxd_expression
A cache table of redundant Assay results whose purpose is to make the most common kinds of queries more efficient. Primarily used by the Web interface. Loaded by a stored procedure which is executed from the GXD_Assay insert/update triggers.

See GXD_Assay.

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Primary key columns
Columns with indexes
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Excluded column relationships
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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
_expression_key int4 10 primary key
_assay_key int4 10
gxd_assay._assay_key gxd_expression__assay_key_fkey C
foreign key to GXD_Assay
_refs_key int4 10
bib_refs._refs_key gxd_expression__refs_key_fkey C
foreign key to BIB_Refs
_assaytype_key int4 10
gxd_assaytype._assaytype_key gxd_expression__assaytype_key_fkey R
foreign key to GXD_AssayType
_genotype_key int4 10
gxd_genotype._genotype_key gxd_expression__genotype_key_fkey R
foreign key to GXD_Genotype
_marker_key int4 10
mrk_marker._marker_key gxd_expression__marker_key_fkey R
foreign key to MRK_Marker
_emapa_term_key int4 10
voc_term._term_key gxd_expression__emapa_term_key_fkey C
foreign key to VOC_Term where _Vocab_key = 90 (EMAPA)
_celltype_term_key int4 10  √  null
voc_term._term_key gxd_expression__celltype_term_key_fkey C
foreign key to VOC_Term where _Vocab_key = 102 (Cell Ontology)
_stage_key int4 10
gxd_theilerstage._stage_key gxd_expression__stage_key_fkey C
foreign key to GXD_TheilerStage
_specimen_key int4 10  √  null
gxd_specimen._specimen_key gxd_expression__specimen_key_fkey C
foreign key to GXD_Specimen
_gellane_key int4 10  √  null
gxd_gellane._gellane_key gxd_expression__gellane_key_fkey C
foreign key to GXD_GelLane
resultnote text 2147483647  √  null result notes
expressed int2 5 is Marker expressed in Structure? yes (1), no (0)
strength text 2147483647  √  null strength
age text 2147483647 age of anatomical structure
agemin numeric 131089  √  null minimum age value determined by age field
agemax numeric 131089  √  null maximum age value determined by age field
isrecombinase int2 5 if 1 (true), then this Assay has a Recombinase Reporter Gene (VOC_Term._Vocab_key = 14)
isforgxd int2 5 if 1 (true), then this Assay will appear in GXD counts and queries (in front-end)
hasimage int2 5 if 1 (true), the this Assay contains an Image
creation_date timestamp 29,6 now() date record was created
modification_date timestamp 29,6 now() date record was last modified

Table contained 2,000,464 rows at Mon Sep 11 06:12 EDT 2023

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
_expression_key Primary key, Used to cluster data Asc gxd_expression_pkey
_assay_key Performance Asc gxd_expression_idx_assay_key
_assaytype_key Performance Asc gxd_expression_idx_assaytype_key
_celltype_term_key Performance Asc gxd_expression_idx_celltype_term_key
_marker_key + _emapa_term_key + _stage_key + isforgxd Performance Asc/Asc/Asc/Asc gxd_expression_idx_clustered
_emapa_term_key + _stage_key + _expression_key + isforgxd Performance Asc/Asc/Asc/Asc gxd_expression_idx_emapa_term_etc_key
_emapa_term_key Performance Asc gxd_expression_idx_emapa_term_key
_gellane_key Performance Asc gxd_expression_idx_gellane_key
_genotype_key Performance Asc gxd_expression_idx_genotype_key
_genotype_key + isforgxd Performance Asc/Asc gxd_expression_idx_genotypegxd_key
_marker_key Performance Asc gxd_expression_idx_marker_key
_refs_key + _emapa_term_key + _stage_key + isforgxd Performance Asc/Asc/Asc/Asc gxd_expression_idx_refs_etc_key
_refs_key Performance Asc gxd_expression_idx_refs_key
_specimen_key Performance Asc gxd_expression_idx_specimen_key
_stage_key Performance Asc gxd_expression_idx_stage_key

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