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Table pub.mgd.acc_accession
Master Accession table; stores all internal (MGI) and external accession numbers for any accessionable object. Each accession number has a prefix (non-numeric) part and a numeric part. Accession numbers are assigned to a specific object (_Object_key) within a specific data set (_MGIType_key), to a specific logical database (_LogicalDB_key). Accession numbers which are designated as private (1) are not dispalyed or searchable via the Web. Preferred accession numbers are the *primary* accession numbers for a given object.

See ACC_AccessionMax, ACC_AccessionReference.

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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
_accession_key int4 10
acc_accessionreference._accession_key acc_accessionreference__accession_key_fkey C
acc_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
all_acc_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
all_cellline_acc_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
all_summary_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
bib_acc_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
gxd_antibody_acc_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
gxd_antigen_acc_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
gxd_antigen_summary_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
gxd_assay_acc_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
gxd_genotype_acc_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
gxd_genotype_summary_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
img_image_acc_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
mrk_acc_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
mrk_accnoref_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
mrk_accref1_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
mrk_accref2_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
mrk_mouse_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
mrk_summary_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
prb_acc_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
prb_accref_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
prb_source_acc_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
prb_strain_acc_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
seq_sequence_acc_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
seq_summary_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
voc_term_acc_view._accession_key Implied Constraint R
primary key
accid text 2147483647 the full accession number string
prefixpart text 2147483647  √  null
acc_accessionmax.prefixpart Implied Constraint R
the leading non-numerical portion of accID
numericpart int4 10  √  null the trailing numerical portion of accID
_logicaldb_key int4 10
acc_logicaldb._logicaldb_key acc_accession__logicaldb_key_fkey R
foreign key to ACC_LogicalDB
_object_key int4 10 foreign key to any object defined in ACC_MGIType
_mgitype_key int4 10
acc_mgitype._mgitype_key acc_accession__mgitype_key_fkey R
foreign key to ACC_MGIType
private int2 5 is this accession number private? yes (1), no (0)
preferred int2 5 flags accession number as preferred/primary (1) or not preferred/secondary (0). there can only be one preferred accession number for logical database MGI. The default is 1.
_createdby_key int4 10 1001
mgi_user._user_key acc_accession__createdby_key_fkey R
user who created the record
_modifiedby_key int4 10 1001
mgi_user._user_key acc_accession__modifiedby_key_fkey R
user who last modified the record
creation_date timestamp 29,6 now() date record was created
modification_date timestamp 29,6 now() date record was last modified

Table contained 33,823,535 rows at Mon Sep 11 06:12 EDT 2023

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
_accession_key Primary key Asc acc_accession_pkey
lower(accid) Performance Asc acc_accession_0
lower(prefixpart) Performance Asc acc_accession_1
accid Performance Asc acc_accession_idx_accid
_object_key + _mgitype_key Performance Asc/Asc acc_accession_idx_clustered
_createdby_key Performance Asc acc_accession_idx_createdby_key
creation_date Performance Asc acc_accession_idx_creation_date
_logicaldb_key Performance Asc acc_accession_idx_logicaldb_key
_mgitype_key Performance Asc acc_accession_idx_mgitype_key
modification_date Performance Asc acc_accession_idx_modification_date
_modifiedby_key Performance Asc acc_accession_idx_modifiedby_key
numericpart Performance Asc acc_accession_idx_numericpart
prefixpart Performance Asc acc_accession_idx_prefixpart

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