A User's Guide to Biology of the Laboratory Mouse


The purpose of this User's Guide is to assist you in using all of the features of the electronic version of Biology of the Laboratory Mouse.


There are several ways to navigate through this book:

The Table of Contents lists Chapter and subchapter headings. Click on any link in the Table of Contents to go to that section of the text.

See Chapter 1 for an example of the abbreviated Table of Contents and the Previous and Next links.

Internal links in the body of the text may refer to other sections of the book, including references and footnotes.

Special Features

References: Citations within the body of the text are linked to the appropriate reference in the References section. Many of the references are also in the body of literature curated by Mouse Genome Informatics. These will have a link to the citation in MGI below the citation in the References section. Clicking the link to MGI will take you to the references detail page at MGI. For example, Snell, G.D. 1958b is also curated at MGI. Clicking the link to MGI lets you search for Genes, Markers and Phenotypes, Marker Mapping Information, or Molecular Probes and Segments in MGI from this reference. This page also links to the citation in PubMed. Other references are not curated at MGI, but are curated in PubMed. For example, Snell, G.D. 1958a is such a citation. Clicking the link to PubMed take you to the page containing the Abstract and several useful search features: click Related Articles to see references that may be more up to date, or Books to see chapters from reference works related to the subject of the reference.

Snell, G.D. 1958a. Histocompatibility genes. I. Demonstration of weak histocompatibility differences by immunization and controlled tumor dosage. J. Nat. Cancer Inst. 20: 787-824.
See also PubMed.

Snell, G.D. 1958b. Histocompatibility genes of the mouse. II. Production and analysis of isogenic resistant lines. J. Nat. Cancer Inst. 21: 843-877.
See also MGI.

Genes: All mouse genes and alleles mentioned in the text are linked to MGI pages containing information on those genes, including current nomenclature. The link may be to an allele detail page, such as that for the gene referred to in the text as the albino ( c) locus.

Tables: Clicking a reference to a Table within the text will cause that Table to appear in a new browser window (see, for example, Table 7-1). All Tables are listed on the Tables page.

Figures: Clicking a reference to a Figure within the text will cause that Figure to appear in a new browser window (see, for example, Figure 13-1). All Figures are listed on the Figures page. In addition, the Image Index contains thumbnail images of all figures.

A Note on Printing

To print a section of the text of this book from your browser, you will have to navigate to that section using the Table of Contents. Use the abbreviated Table of Contents in the left column to go to the Table of Contents. From there, select the section that you would like to print. When that section appears in your browser window, click the frame containing that section to select it, then use your browser's Print Frame function.

To print a Table or Figure, select the browser window in which it appears and use your browser's Print function.

Further Assistance

Please send question and comments to User Support.