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Preface to the Second Edition

Preface to the First Edition

Chapter 1:  The Laboratory Mouse   Joan Staats

Chapter 2:  Breeding Systems   Earl L. Green

Chapter 3:  Keeping Records   Margaret M. Dickie

Chapter 4:  Husbandry   Edwin P. Les

Chapter 5:  Nutrition   Warren G. Hoag and Margaret M. Dickie

Chapter 6:  Nomenclature   Joan Staats

Chapter 7:  Nuclear Cytology   Allen B. Griffen

Chapter 8:  Mutant Genes and Linkages   Margaret C. Green

Chapter 9:  Multiple Factor Inheritance   Thomas H. Roderick and Gunther Schlager

Chapter 10:  Radiation Genetics   Earl L. Green and Thomas H. Roderick

Chapter 11:  Reproduction   Franklin H. Bronson, Charles P. Dagg, and George D. Snell

Chapter 12:  Early Embryology   George D. Snell and Leroy C. Stevens

Chapter 13:  Anatomy   Katharine P. Hummel, Flavia L. Richardson, and Elizabeth Fekete

Chapter 14:  Teratogenesis   Charles P. Dagg

Chapter 15:  Genes and Development   Margaret C. Green

Chapter 16:  Physiological Characteristics   Seldon E. Bernstein

Chapter 17:  Blood and Blood Formation   Elizabeth S. Russell and Seldon E. Bernstein

Chapter 18:  Blood Coagulation   Hans Meier and Warren G. Hoag

Chapter 19:  Inherited Metabolic Variations   Andrew A. Kandutsch and Douglas L. Coleman

Chapter 20:  Endocrine Variations   Chen K. Chai and Margaret M. Dickie

Chapter 21:  Pigmentation   H. Glenn Wolfe and Douglas L. Coleman

Chapter 22:  Acute Responses to Ionizing Radiation   John B. Storer

Chapter 23:  Responses to Drugs   Hans Meier and John L. Fuller

Chapter 24:  Genetics of Tissue Transplantation   George D. Snell and Jack H. Stimpfling

Chapter 25:  Cell, Tissue, and Organ Culture   Charity Waymouth

Chapter 26:  Lifespan and Aging Patterns   Elizabeth S. Russell

Chapter 27:  Characteristic Tumors   Edwin D. Murphy

Chapter 28:  Transplanted Tumors   Nathan Kaliss

Chapter 29:  Constitutional Diseases   Elizabeth S. Russell and Hans Meier

Chapter 30:  Infectious Diseases   Warren G. Hoag and Hans Meier

Chapter 31:  Immune Functions   Henry J. Winn

Chapter 32:  Neural, Sensory and Motor Functions   John L. Fuller and Richard E. Wimer

Chapter 33:  Patterns of Behavior   Richard E. Wimer and John L. Fuller

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