MGI Gene Ontology GO_Slim Chart Tool

This GO_Slim Chart Tool bins the genes in your list according to MGI GO Slim definitions to help you discover what the genes may have in common.

Step 1: Enter gene names*:
Input the gene names in the text box, as MGI:accID or gene symbol (with carriage returns)
Select a file of gene names, as MGI:accID or gene symbol (with carriage returns).

Step 2: Choose Ontology:

Step 3:
Indicate whether to exclude evidence code IEA (Inferred from Electronic Annotation):
Include IEAs
Exclude IEAs

Step 4:

Uses TermFinder (0.8) implementation of Gavin Sherlock, Stanford Microarray Database.
View Readme for a description of GO_Slim Chart Tool.
*Note: Server timeout likely for more than 2400 genes. Downloadable version will be available soon.