Mammalian Orthology

Mammalian Orthology in MGI

MGI provides a curated set of mammalian orthologs from sequenced mammalian genomes (e.g., human, rat, dog, chimp). Major ways to access orthology data include:

  • View comparative maps using the link on gene detail pages
    On a gene detail page, click the hyperlink next to "Comparative Map" reading (Human/Mouse GeneName) in the "Mammalian Homology" row to view the mouse chromosome and list of genes in the human syntenic region side by side.

  • Find gene orthologs in other species
    A summary of organisms with orthologs for a mouse gene can be accessed by clicking on the Mammalian Orthology link in the Mammalian homology section of that gene's detail page. Genomic, transcript or protein sequences can be downloaded in FASTA format or selected and forwarded to MouseBLAST to generate a multiple species alignment.

    For detailed instructions see the following: How do I find a gene ortholog? FAQ