How do I view a comparative map of mouse and human chromosomes?
You can use the Mouse-Human Orthology Map to retrieve a detailed orthology map of a mouse chromosome.You can also use this map to retrieve a compact tabular listing of all human/mouse orthologies for a given pair of chromosomes.
Accessing the Mouse-Human Orthology Map
On most MGI pages, you can access the Mouse-Human Orthology Map from the Search menu as shown in the image at right.

For this tutorial, open the Mouse-Human Orthology Map in a new window. Scroll down this page for further instructions.

Search Menu Orthology Map

Example 1. Viewing orthologs between mouse chromosome 1 and human chromosome 8
  1. The map shows mouse chromosome 1 in black. To the right is a set of colored histograms, each corresponding to a a segment of a human chromosome. The length of the bar in a histogram indicates the number of human/mouse orthologies. Click on human chromosome 8.
Mouse Human Orthology Map
  1. The table lists all orthologs between mouse chromosome 1 and human chromosome 8. Click a Mouse Symbol for detailed information about a mouse gene. Click a Mouse Gene Name to retrieve orthologs of that gene in all species in MGI, including human, rat and others such as chimpanzee or domestic dog.
Mouse Human Orthology Table