How do I find and download expression data using BioMart?

You can use the GXD BioMart to search for detailed expression using a variety of parameters and then export these data for use in further analyses in your lab.
Accessing the GXD BioMart

Click the Gene Expression Database (GXD) button on the MGI homepage to go to the Gene Expression Database. Alternatively, begin with the BioMart by navigating from the drop down menu or the Batch Data and Analysis Tools. This tutorial begins from GXD.
Expression homepage
Click on GXD BioMart in the lower left corner of the Gene Expression Database (GXD) page. Scroll down this page for further instructions.
GXD page highlight BioMart

Example 1. Finding and downloading expression data that demonstrate gene expression in the midbrain
  1. Click Filters at upper left to display filtering options.

  2. Check the box next to Anatomical Structure and type midbrain in the text box.

  3. Check and select "detected" from the drop down menu next to Expression to specify results where expression is detected. Leave the box unchecked to return both detected and not detected results.
  4. Specify other parameters as desired, then click the Results button at the top of the page to return data. You can use the Count button to obtain the number of records that will be returned by your search.
GXD BioMart
  1. By default only the first 10 records will be shown. Use the drop down menu next to View to display more.
  2. Export the table in HTML, CSV, TSV, or XLS using the options at the top of the page (box).
BioMart Results