How do I find all GO annotations for a specific mouse gene?
You can use the Search Box to find information about genes, markers or accession identifiers in MGI. The Search Box returns a list of genes, markers, or accession IDs that contain your entry.
Accessing the Search Box
On most MGI pages, you can find the Search Box in the upper right corner, as shown in the image.

For this tutorial, open the MGI home page in a new window. Scroll down this page for further instructions.

MGI Header Screen Shot

Example 1. Finding orthologs for gene Pax6
  1. Type pax6 into the Search Box.

  2. Click Quick Search.
Search Box Screen Shot
  1. The Search Results page lists symbols and names containing Pax6. Click the link to Pax6.
Search Results
  1. Click the link to All GO classifications: (152 annotations) on the Pax6 Gene Detail page.
Pax6 GO Screen Shot
  1. The Gene Ontology classifications page supplies all classifications in text, table and graphical form. Click the link to Tabular View to view a table listing all classifications, or the link to GO Graph to view a graph of all classifications.
GO Classifications Screen Shot