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The Anatomy of the Laboratory Mouse
Margaret J. Cook


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    4. Mus musculus (LAC Grey strain). Adult male.
    5. Vibrissae.
    6. Left forepaw.
    7. Right hind paw.
    8. External genitalia. Female.
    9. External genitalia. Male.


    10. Skeleton of LAC Grey mouse.
    11. Dorsal aspect of skull.
    12. Left lateral aspect of skull.
    13. Basal aspect of skull.
    14. Lateral aspect of right mandible.
    15. Medial aspect of right mandible.
    16. Atlas (1st cervical vertebra). Anterior aspect (above). Posterior aspect (below).
    17. Axis (2nd cervical vertebra). Anterior aspect (above). Posterior aspect (below).
    18. Axis (2nd cervical vertebra). Left lateral aspect.
    19. Cervical vertebra. Anterior aspect (above). Posterior aspect (below).
    20. Thoracic vertebra. Anterior aspect (above). Left lateral aspect (below).
    21. 5th thoracic vertebra with rib. Anterior aspect.
    22. Lumbar vertebra. Anterior aspect (above). Left lateral aspect (below).
    23. Sacrum. Dorsal aspect.
    24. Sacrum. Ventral aspect.
    25. Sacrum. Right lateral aspect.
    26. 1st caudal vertebra. Anterior aspect.
    27. 1st caudal vertebra. Posterior aspect (above). Right lateral aspect (below).
    28. 4th caudal vertebra. Anterior aspect (above). Left lateral aspect (below).
    29. Right shoulder joint.
    30. Ventral aspect of sternum and ribs. The floating ribs are not drawn.
    31. Right scapula and clavicle.
    32. Thoracic cage, formed by 13 thoracic vertebrae, 13 pairs of ribs and the sternum.
    33. Lateral aspect of right humerus, radius and ulna.
    34. Flexor surface of right humerus.
    35. Right radius and ulna.
    36. Upper surface of right manus.
    37. Lateral aspect of os coxae.
    38. Ventral aspect of ossa coxae.
    39. Pelvic girdle and hind limbs, partially disarticulated. Ventral aspect.
    40. Articulation of right os coxae and femur.
    41. Medial aspect of right hind limb.
    42. Flexor surface of right femur.
    43. Flexor surface of right tibia and femur.
    44. Upper surface of right pes.


    45. Neck dissected to display the salivary glands.
    46. Neck viscera.
    47. Ventral aspect of thyroid.
    48. Ventral aspect of female showing position of nipples.
    49. Skin deflected to display mammary tissue in lactating female.
    50. Skin deflected leaving mammary tissue in situ. Lactating female.
    51. Thoracic viscera in situ.
    52. Thoracic viscera displayed.
    53. Trachea and lungs removed from thorax.
    54. Abdominal viscera in situ.
    55. Abdominal viscera displayed. Male.
    56. Abdominal viscera displayed. Female.
    57. Alimentary canal removed and displayed. Oesophagus, 4 cm; duodenum, jejunum and ileum, 35 cm; colon and rectum, 14 cm.
    58. Stomach and liver.
    59. Regions of the stomach. Ventral aspect.
    60. Alimentary canal removed to display lobes of the liver.
    61. Gall bladder and bile-duct.
    62. Male urogenital system in situ.
    63. Male urogenital system. Skin removed to show testes in scrotal sacs.
    64. Male urogenital system.
    65. Male reproductive organs.
    66. Right testis.
    67. Bladder and prostate.
    68. Female urogenital system.
    69. Right ovary and Fallopian tube.
    70. Lower part of female urogenital tract with external genitalia in situ.
    71. Lower part of female urogenital tract.
    72. Pregnant female with uterus in situ.
    73. Pregnant female with uterus displayed.
    74. Uterus of full-term female. Right horn dissected to show foetuses.

Circulatory System

    75. Abdominal viscera.
    76. Abdominal viscera displayed.
    77. Arterial supply to liver.
    78. Branches of abdominal viscera.
    79. Branches of coeliac and superior mesenteric arteries.
    80. Branches of coeliac artery.
    81. Hepatic portal system (anterior region).
    82. Hepatic portal system (middle region).
    83. Hepatic portal system (posterior region).
    84. Skin removed to display facial blood vessels.
    85. Superficial vessels of the head. Lateral aspect.
    86. Dorso-lateral dissection of head.
    87. Blood vessels of the brain. Dorsal aspect.
    88. Blood vessels of the brain. Basal aspect.
    89. Thoracic viscera in situ.
    90. Thorax. Thymus has been removed.
    91. Heart in situ.
    92. Thorax. Heart has been removed.
    93. Heart and part of vena cavae removed to show pulmonary vessels.
    94. Pulmonary arteries.
    95. Intercostal arteries, intercostal and azygos veins.
    96. Anterior intercostal veins. Left side.
    97. Branches of right subclavian artery.
    98. Branches of the subclavian vein.
    99. Superficial dissection of the neck and thorax.
    100. Blood vessels of the neck.
    101. Blood vessels of right hind limb. Medial aspect.
    102. Blood vessels of lower right hind limb.
    103. Upper surface of right hind foot.
    104. Under surface or right hind foot.
    105. Skin removed from dorsal surface of right hind limb.
    106. Blood vessels of axilla.
    107. Blood vessels of left fore-limb.
    108. Left manus. Dorsal aspect, showing superficial blood vessels.
    109. Male urogenital system.
    110. Arterial supply to left kidney.
    111. Blood supply of kidneys.
    112. Blood supply of left kidney and suprarenal gland. Male.
    113. Male reproductive organs.
    114. Blood supply of testis.
    115. Male organs deflected to left to show blood supply.
    116. Pelvic region of the male. Organs of the left side deflected to the right.
    117. Iliac arteries and veins (top). Middle caudal vessels (bottom).
    118. Female urogenital system.
    119. Blood supply of left kidney and suprarenal gland. Female.
    120. Blood supply of female reproductive organs.
    121. Blood supply of ovary.
    122. Female reproductive organs.
    123. Uterus deflected to right to show blood vessels.
    124. Pelvic region of female.
    125. Blood supply of female reproductive organs. Pregnant mouse.

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