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The Anatomy of the Laboratory Mouse
Margaret J. Cook


No comprehensive study of the anatomy of the mouse has so far been made, although certain parts of it, such as the vertebral column, have been the subject of very detailed investigations. This lacuna in our knowledge is all the more surprising as the mouse is by a long lead the most commonly used vertebrate in the laboratory.

Miss Cook's atlas is a significant advance towards remedying this deficiency. She deserves to be congratulated because for the first time we have something with which to compare our own anatomical findings. The strain depicted will doubtless have some unique features, but the atlas as a whole is bound to stimulate inter-strain comparisons. It is to be hoped that a second instalment of the present work will be forthcoming, as reports from others who have taken this atlas as a starting point for their researches.

The beauty and clarity of the drawings speak for themselves, and the reader should spare a grateful thought for the diligence that went into their creation.

W. Lane-Petter
March 1965