Using Wild Cards on MGI Query Forms

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What is a wild card?

A wild card is an alphanumeric character or set of characters that can stand for a wide range of other characters. On most of the MGI Query Forms, you can use the * (asterisk) as a wildcard to facilitate text field searches.

For example, do this:

The Genes and Markers Query Results -- Summary page contains links to any markers whose symbol begins with Acr, such as Acr, Acrbp, and Acrv1. Note that there is also a link to Adp because its gene name is acrodysplasia.

When and where can I use a wild card?

You can use a wild card in any text field on an MGI query form. Use the wild card to enhance your search.


How do I use wild cards on MGI query forms?

Enter… To find, for example…
Abc*All of the ATP-binding cassette genes
embry*Embryo, embryonic, embryonal, embryoes, embryogenesis
D2Mit*All of the MIT markers originally mapped to mouse Chromosome 2
Abc[ab]*ATP-binding cassette genes, sub-families A and B
*rik All RIKEN cDNA genes


Which wild cards can I use on MGI query forms?

For most queries, you can use the * (asterisk) for text field searches. You can place the wild card symbol before and/or after the text in the search field.