Inbred Strains: Subline Differences

Herbert C. Morse III, Chairman

28 Differences Among Sublines of Inbred Mouse Strains
Herbert C. Morse III

29 Standardized Genetic Nomenclature of Mice: Past, Present, and Future
Mary F. Lyon

30 The Biological Function of the LPS Gene
David L. Rosenstreich

31 Effect of Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor on Peritoneal Exudate Cells of C3H/HeN and C3H/HeJ Mice
Aldo Tagliabue, Luigi Ruco, James L. McCoy, Monte S. Meltzer, and Ronald B. Herberman

32 Different Hematopoietic Responses to Endotoxin in Different Sublines of C3H Mice
Sallie S. Boggs, D.R. Boggs, and R.A. Joyce

33 Relationship of Endotoxin Toxicity and Response of Bone Marrow Derived Hematopoietic Cells
Sallie S. Boggs, Robert W. Baker, Gretchen N. Schwartz, and Kenneth D. Patrene

34 Generation of an H-2 Restricted CML Response between AKR Substrains
Marion M. Zatz

35 Derivation and Characteristics of the CBA/N Subline
Donald E. Mosier

36 CBA/Ki Vs. CBA/St/Ki: Fifteen Years of Observations
Annabel G. Liebelt

37 Differences between C57BL Strains at an Erythrocyte Antigen Locus
Marianna Cherry, Donald W. Bailey, and George D. Snell

38 Subline Differences in Behavioral Responses to Pharmacological Agents
Beatriz Moisset

39 Further Information on Subline Differences
Thomas H. Roderick