Inbred Strains: Viruses

Lloyd Law, Chairman

19 Genetic Regulation of Type C Viruses in Mouse Leukemia
Frank Lilly

20 Chromosomal Location of C-Type Virus Genomes in the Mouse
Wallace P. Rowe and Janet W. Hartley

21 Expression of XenCSA, a Cell Surface Antigen Related to the Major Glycoprotein (gp70) of Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Virus, by Lymphocytes of Inbred Mouse Strains
Thomas M. Chused and Herbert C. Morse III

22 Biology of Mammary Tumor Viruses
Robert D. Cardiff and Bruce W. Altrock

23 Diversity of Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus Genetic Information and Gene Products in Rodents
J. Schlom, W. Droham, Y. Teramoto, P. Hand, D. Colcher, R. Callahan, G. Todaro, D. Kufe, D. Howard, J. Gautsch, R. Lerner, and G. Schidlovsky