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How do I...
.. find expression data for a specific gene and tissue? FAQ
.. find expression data for a tissue during development? FAQ
.. find genes expressed in one tissue but not another? FAQ
.. find expression data in mouse mutants? FAQ
.. find expression data for a list of genes? FAQ
.. find references that report expression data for a gene at a specific age? FAQ
.. interpret the results of my query? FAQ

Recent publications describing how to use GXD

  • The mouse Gene Expression Database (GXD): 2021 update. Nucleic Acids Res. Oct. 26 (2020).
  • GXD's RNA-Seq and Microarray Experiment Search: using curated metadata to reliably find mouse expression studies of interest. Database Mar. 4 (2020).
  • The mouse Gene Expression Database (GXD): 2019 update. Nucleic Acids Res. 47:D774-D779 (2019).
  • The mouse Gene Expression Database (GXD): 2017 update. Nucleic Acids Res. 45:D730-D736 (2017).
  • Mouse anatomy ontologies: enhancements and tools for exploring and integrating biomedical data. Mamm Genome 26:422-430 (2015).
  • GXD: a community resource of mouse Gene Expression Data. Mamm Genome 26:314-324 (2015).
  • The mouse gene expression database: New features and how to use them effectively. Genesis 53:510-522 (2015).
  • The gene expression database for mouse development (GXD): Putting developmental expression information at your fingertips. Dev Dyn 243:1176-1186 (2014).

Detailed explanations for using gene expression query forms and tools:

  • Gene Expression Literature Query Form help
  • Gene Expression Data Query Form help
  • Differential Expression Search help
  • Expression Profile Search help
  • Gene Expression Batch Search help
  • RNA-Seq and Microarray Experiment Search help
  • Mouse Developmental Anatomy Browser help
  • Adult Mouse Anatomy Browser help
  • Mouse Embryo Staging Criteria help