The Gene Expression Database (GXD) collects and integrates the gene expression information in MGI.
  • All data entered into GXD are reviewed by our team of experienced curators.
  • GXD focuses on endogenous gene expression data in wild-type and mutant mice, including reporter data from knock-in experiments. Currently GXD does not include expression data from other types of transgenic animals, chimeras, animals subjected to treatments, or from cultured material.
  • GXD collects data from publications and data submissions for the following assay types: RNA in situ hybridization; Immunohistochemistry; in situ reporter (knock in); RT-PCR; Northern and Western blots.
  • It is our curatorial policy to annotate expression patterns from publications based solely on what is written in the manuscript; we do not interpret images presented within papers. We are happy to accept more detailed descriptions of expression patterns from authors and will update database entries accordingly.
  • When we have permission from publishers or providers we include images. All images are displayed with citation information and with copyright.
  • Selected sets of RNA-Seq data that are in keeping with GXD's scope have been imported from the Expression Atlas at the EMBL-EBI. We processed these files further and curated the sample metadata.