How do I find mouse models for a human disease or condition?
You can use the Human Disease Vocabulary Browser to narrow your search to a specific region of the mouse genome. Within this interval, you can choose to retrieve genes or other marker types associated with a human disease, mouse phenotype, or function.
Accessing the Human Disease Vocabulary Browser
On most MGI pages, you can access the Human Disease Vocabulary Browser from the Search menu as shown in the image at right.

For this tutorial, open the Human Disease Vocabulary Browser in a new window. Scroll down this page for further instructions.

Search Menu OMIM

Example 1. Finding mouse models of Huntington Disease
  1. Click on the letter H and search or scroll through the Human Disease Vocabulary Browser.
  2. Select "Huntington Disease; HD" from the list and click the hyperlink to view details about the mouse models associated with this disease.

HDV Browser Screen Shot
  • Alternatively, you may begin by typing the name of the disease or keywords into the Quick Search bar where the Vocabulary Terms section at the bottom of the page also indexes OMIM disease terms.
HDV Search Results
  1. The Human Disease and Mouse Model Detail page lists mouse and human genes, transgenes and other mutations, and mouse models associated with Huntington Disease. For a detailed interpretation of this page, click Documentation Link.

    Click on OMIM ID: 143100 to view the corresponding Huntington Disease entry in Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM).

HD & MM Detail Page