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Table 2-1 Phenotypes of Agouti-Suppressor (As) in Combination with Other Agouti Locus Alleles

Table 2-2. Phenotypes of Various Combinations of Some Agouti Locus Alleles

Table 2-3. Granule Properites of Phaeomelanin and Eumelanins

Table 2-4. Summary of Results following Incorporation of Melanocytes of One Agouti Locus Genotype into Dorsal (D) or Ventral (V) Hair Follicles of a Different Agouti Locus Genotype

Table 2-5. Pigmentation of Hairs Obtained by Recombining Dermis and Epidermis between Black-and-Tan (at/at), Nonagouti (a/a) Dorsal and Ventral, and Yellow (Ay/a) Ventral Embryonic Skin

Table 2-6. Pigmentation of Hairs Obtained by Recombinations of Dermis and Epidermis between Recessive Yellow ( a/a;e/e) and Black ( a/a;E/E), Agouti ( A/A;E/E), or Albino ( a/a;c/c;E/E) Embryonic Skin

Table 3-1. The Effect of Lethal Yellow ( Ay) and Chinchilla ( cch) on the Incorporation of Tyrosine by Different b-Locus Alleles

Table 3-2. Interaction of Albino Alleles with a/a, Ay, and p/p

Table 3-3. The Total Eumelanin in B/B and b/b as Affected by the Albino Series

Table 3-4. Effect of the Albino Series on Pigment Granule Characteristics

Table 3-5. Effect of the C-Locus on the in Vitro Incorportation of DL-[2-14C]Tyrosine into Pigment

Table 4-1. Description of the Phenotypes of p-Alleles (Other than p) Held at Harwell

Table 8-1. Frequency of Aortic Lesions in Various Mo-Locus Genotypes

Table 8-2. Phenotypic Characteristics of the Mo-Locus Series of Alleles

Table 8-3. Relative Viability of Some Mo-Locus Genotypes

Table 9-1. Estimation of the Pigment Content in Five Tissues of the C57BL, Heterozygous, and Piebald Mice Employed by Mayer

Table 9-2. Estimation of the Melanocyte Content in Various Tissues of Lethal Spotting Homozygotes, Heterozygotes, and Normal Mice at 4 weeks of age

Table 10-1. The Influence of Genotype on the Occurence of Melanocytes in Six Tissues of the House Mouse

Table 10-2. Descriptions of Various W-Locus Genotypes

Table 11-1. Descriptions of Various Sl-Locus Genotypes

Table 11-2. Occurence of Pigment Cells in Six Tissue Environments of 5-Day-Old +/+, Sl/+, Sld/+, and Sl/Sld Mice

Table 11-3. Proportional Areas of White Spotting when Dominant Spotting ( W/W) and Flexed-Tailed ( f/f) Occur Separately and Together

Table 12-1. Summary of the Effects of the Genes mi, Miwh, Wv, and s on the Pigmentation of the Coat, the Choroid, the Harderian Gland, and the Inner Ear

Table 12-2. Summary of the Effects of the Genes mi, Miwh, s, and Wv on the Pigmentation of the Eye

Table 12-3. Descriptions of Various mi-Locus Genotypes

Table 12-4. Influence of Recessive Yellow ( e) on Degree of Expression of Belted (bt) in 10-Week-Old Mice of genotypes E/E;a/a;bt/bt and e/e;a/a;bt/bt

Table 12-5. Mutations and Mutation Rates at Five Specific Coat-Color Loci

Table 12-6. Spontaneous Mutation Rate at Some Coat-Color loci at Which Dominant Mutations Occurred

Table 12-7. Frequency of Mutations in Different Mouse Strains

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