Coat Color Genes of the Mouse

Adapted from The Coat Colors of Mice by Willys K. Silvers

The table lists those genes described in The Coat Colors of Mice (as of 1979), with their current nomenclature and links to a complete list of alleles for each of these genes.

Please see also a table of all currently known genotypes in MGI annotated with the phenotype term "coat color anomalies."

Gene Symbols used in
The Coat Colors of Mice
Official Gene Nomenclature
from Mouse Genome Informatics
Symbol in W.K. SilversCurrent Gene SymbolPhenotypic Alleles
a a a allele(s)
ash Rab27a Rab27a allele(s)
b Tyrp1 Tyrp1 allele(s)
bf Vps33a Vps33a allele(s)
bg Lyst Lyst allele(s)
Bs Kit Kit allele(s)
Bst Rpl24 Rpl24 allele(s)
bt Adamts20 Adamts20 allele(s)
bt-2 bt2 bt2 allele(s)
c Tyr Tyr allele(s)
d Myo5a Myo5a allele(s)
da da da allele(s)
Dfp Dfp Dfp allele(s)
dp dp dp allele(s)
E Mc1r Mc1r allele(s)
ep Hps1 Hps1 allele(s)
f f f allele(s)
Fk Fk Fk allele(s)
Fkl Rn Rn allele(s)
Ga Ga Ga allele(s)
gl Ostm1 Ostm1 allele(s)
gm Rabggta Rabggta allele(s)
gr gr gr allele(s)
le Hps4 Hps4 allele(s)
Li Lgt Lgt allele(s)
ln Mlph Mlph allele(s)
ls Edn3 Edn3 allele(s)
m Dock7 Dock7 allele(s)
M(cm) Mchm1 Mchm1 allele(s)
md Mgrn1 Mgrn1 allele(s)
mg Atrn Atrn allele(s)
mh Ap3d1 Ap3d1 allele(s)
mi Mitf Mitf allele(s)
Mo Atp7a Atp7a allele(s)
Ms Atp7a Atp7a allele(s)
mu Bloc1s5 Bloc1s5 allele(s)
nc Mgrn1 Mgrn1 allele(s)
Och Och Och allele(s)
p Oca2 Oca2 allele(s)
pa Bloc1s6 Bloc1s6 allele(s)
pb Ednrb Ednrb allele(s)
pe Ap3b1 Ap3b1 allele(s)
Pew Atp7a Atp7a allele(s)
Ph Ph Ph allele(s)
pl plto plto allele(s)
Rn Rn Rn allele(s)
rs rs rs allele(s)
ru Hps6 Hps6 allele(s)
ru-2 Hps5 Hps5 allele(s)
Rw Rw Rw allele(s)
s Ednrb Ednrb allele(s)
sea sea sea allele(s)
si Pmel Pmel allele(s)
Sl Kitl Kitl allele(s)
Slt Dct Dct allele(s)
Sp Pax3 Pax3 allele(s)
Ta Eda Eda allele(s)
te te te allele(s)
tp tp tp allele(s)
U U U allele(s)
uw Slc45a2 Slc45a2 allele(s)
Va Mcoln3 Mcoln3 allele(s)
W Kit Kit allele(s)
Ym Ym Ym allele(s)