Using MouseBLAST - Overview
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MGI's MouseBLAST will be retired in October 2015. BLAST queries will be forwarded to NCBI's BLAST server as follows:

This help document provides links to answers for the following questions:

What do I use the MouseBLAST form for?

Use this form to search mouse, rat, rodent, or human sequence database for sequences that may be associated with mouse genes. If a matching sequence is associated to an MGI mouse gene record, a detail report containing summary information and a link to MGI appears. You can either download the sequences for FASTA format matches or forward them to MouseBLAST for additional searches.

How do I use this form?

See Using MouseBLAST - Basic Steps.

How do I interpret the results of my search?

See Using MouseBLAST - Interpreting the MouseBLAST Output Report.

Are there any examples?

See Using MouseBLAST - Sample Queries.

What is BLAST? What is the difference between the WU-BLAST programs?

See Using MouseBLAST - Available BLAST Programs.

Which sequence databases can I search?

See Using MouseBLAST - Sequence Databases.

Are there different ways to mask a query sequence?

See Using MouseBLAST - Masking Programs.

Which sequence formats can I use on this form?

See Using MouseBLAST - Sequence Formats.

Can I find a sequence if I know the sequence accession ID?

See Using MouseBLAST - Searching By Sequence ID.