Interpreting a Strain Summary
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This Help document answers the following questions about the strain summary:

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What should the summary report contain?

At the top of the Strains Summary report, to the left, your query parameters are stated. To the right, the number of strains found, and displayed on the first page of results, is indicated. Below this section, the results are displayed in a table:

Official Strain NameThe official name for the strain uses nomenclature approved by the International Committee on Standardized Genetic Nomenclature for Mice.
SynonymsAbbreviations and common and unofficial names
AttributesFeatures attributed to the strain. These describe the type of strain (e.g., inbred, congenic, consomic, F1 hybrid), more general features of the strain (e.g., wild-derived, mutant), and categories associated with its alleles (e.g., transgenic, chemically induced mutation, spontaneous mutation, deletion). A strain may have multiple attributes. All the attributes are defined here.
IDsThe MGI strain ID as well as repository and Mouse Phenome Database (MPD) IDs.
ReferencesAll the references for the strain, linked to a listing on the summary report page.


How do I filter my results?

***You can filter results by Attribute. In the banner above your results, after Filter strains by:, click the desired box. This will reduce your results to only those containing the checked items.


How do I retrieve my results as tab-delimited text or spreadsheet files?

Above the table of your search results, click on the Text File or Excel File icon. Your web browser will download a file of the results that remain after any filtering you may have performed.