My SNP query returned no results. Why?
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The following information may help in reformulating a Mouse SNP query that produced no results:.

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FieldPossible reason for no resultResource suggestion
Variation TypeSome variation types (such as MNP and Named) are very rare in dbSNP. There may be no SNPs of these types in the chromosomal region you selected.Select ANY (the default) under Variation Type. See Interpreting the MGI Mouse SNPs Legend for a description of dbSNP variation types and other SNP information.
Gene Symbol/NameThe default action is to search for exact gene symbol matches.
  • Use the MGI Genes and Markers Query Form to find official marker/gene symbols or ...
  • Choose an operator other than = (equals) to broaden your search or ...
  • Choose current symbols/names & synonyms rather than the default (current & old symbols/names, synonyms, alleles, orthologs) (click the down-arrow beneath search in).
There may be SNPs that map close to your gene of interest but that are not in the transcribed region.Try using the SNPs Located Near Genes section of the query form. Pick a range to find SNPs within a specified distance from your gene and select upstream, downstream or either.
Marker RangeYou must enter exact official marker/gene symbols and the markers/genes must be on the same chromosome.Use the MGI Genes and Markers Query Form to find official marker/gene symbols.