My SNP query returned no results. Why?
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The following information may help in reformulating a Mouse SNP query that produced no results:.

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FieldPossible reason for no resultResource suggestion
Associated Genes The default action is to search for official gene symbol matches.
  • Use the MGI Genes and Markers Query Form to find official marker/gene symbols or …
  • Use the * as a wild card to broaden your search or …
  • Choose Current symbols/names, synonyms & homologs rather than the default (Current symbols) (click the down-arrow).
There may be SNPs that map close to your gene of interest but that are not in the transcribed region.Try expanding the search to include more of the upstream and downstream regions. Select include 2 kb upstream and downstream of the gene(s), the default selection, or 10 kb upstream and downstream of the gene(s).
Genome RegionThere were no SNPs for your selected strains in the region you defined. Try expanding the Genome Coordinate range.
Strains and Strain Comparisons There were no SNPs for your selected strains in the region or genes you defined. Try adding related strains. (For example, if you searched for BALB/cBy initially, check BALB/cByJ and search again.
You selected more than one Reference or Comparison strain and limited your search results such that every strain must have an allele call. Select Yes to include results where only one strain may have an allele call to achieve a broader search.

Note: By default, only those strains with SNPs that meet your search critera are shown. To see all the strains you searched for, select Show all selected strains above the results table.