Using Wild Cards on MGI Query Forms

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What is a wild card?

A wild card is an alphanumeric character or set of characters that can stand for a wide range of other characters. On most of the MGI Query Forms, you can use the % (percent sign) as a wildcard to facilitate text field searches.

For example, do this:

The Genes and Markers Query Results -- Summary page contains links to any markers whose symbol begins with Acr, such as Acr, Acrbp, and Acrv1. Note that there is also a link to Adp because its gene name is acrodysplasia.

When and where can I use a wild card?

You can use a wild card in any text field on an MGI query form. Use the wild card to enhance your search.


Which wild cards can I use on MGI query forms?

For most queries, you can use the % (percent sign) for text field searches. You can place wild card symbols before, within, or after the text in the search field. The table below lists all the wild cards you can use on MGI query forms.

Wildcard Description
% Matches any string of 0 or more characters
_ (underscore) Matches any single character (including a blank space)
[a-n] Matches any character in the range of a to n
[abc] Matches any one of a, b, or c


How do I use wild cards on MGI query forms?

Enter... To find, for example...
Abc% All of the ATP-binding cassette genes
Abc[ab]% ATP-binding cassette genes, sub-families A and B
Abc_1 Abca1, Abcb1, Abcc1, Abcd1, Abce1, Abcf1, Abcg1
Lag%1 Lag-rs1
D%Mit% All of the MIT markers