Using MGI Query Forms
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This help document answers the following general questions about using MGI query forms:

and the following question about specific query forms:

How do I submit a query?

To query:


How do I select more than one item on a list?

To pick two or more items from a selection list, do the following:


Does it matter what case I use when I type values in the fields?

No. MGI database searching is not case sensitive. You can use all uppercase letters or all lowercase letters or a combination of the two when you type in a value.


How do the sort options work?

Sort options let you determine the order in which the summarized results appear.


Is there a maximum number of results I can get back all at once?

No. Click no limit next to Maximum returned if you want to see every match that your query finds. The intent of the default value (usually 500) is not to speed the search by limiting the scope but rather to restrict the initial results.


Is there a way to speed up a query?

Yes. Reduce the number in the Maximum Returned field. However, if the amount of time to return your query is prohibitive, consider narrowing your search rather than limiting the number of results returned.

When I enter exact marker or gene symbols in Marker Range boxes, do the query results include or exclude those markers?

The query is inclusive of the markers you enter.