Interpreting a Genes and Markers Summary

This Help document answers the following questions about the genes and markers summary:

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What determines the content of this report?

The marker summary content depends on how you filled out the fields on the Genes and Markers Query Form.


What should the summary report contain?

Genetic Location If known, the chromosome and centimorgan position to which the marker is assigned. Centimorgan positions for genes and markers in MGI are based on linear interpolation using the standard genetic map described in Cox et al. (2009) (PMID). Markers without genome coordinates cannot be assigned specific cM locations and are designated as syntenic.
Genome Coordinates (strand)Marker's coordinates on the mouse genome assembly sequence map, and the strand location of the coordinates in parentheses. Plus (+) is = 5' to 3'. Minus (-) is 3' to 5'.
Feature TypeMarker categories resulting from your selection(s) on the query form. For example, if you clicked Non-coding RNA gene, results for rRNA, tRNA, snRNA, snoRNA, or miRNA genes may appear.
SymbolMarker symbol and name, linked to the MGI marker detail page.


Can I edit my original options and requery?

Yes, you can.



How do I sort my results?

Click on the Genome Coordinates, Feature Types or Symbol column headings or the up/down arrowheads ( ▼ ▲) to change or reverse the sort order of your results.


How do I retrieve my results as tab-delimited text or spreadsheet files?

In your search results, click on the Text File or Excel File icon. Your web browser will download a file of the results.