Interpreting the Gene Expression Data: Results by Tissue Summary
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How do I interpret this report?

StructureAnatomical structures examined when analyzing expression. Given as a Theiler stage (TS) and anatomical structure name, linked to the Mouse Developmental Anatomy Browser-term detail page that includes the structure.
ResultsFor all columns, the number links to a Gene Expression Data Search Results page listing the symbol of the gene analyzed, the assay type used, result details (linked to an assay record), the high-level term for the anatomical structure assayed, age of the specimen examined, an indication of whether or not expression was detected, links to images of the data, allele pairs describing the mutant genotype of the specimen (if applicable) and the reference.
AllNumber of times the structure was examined. Note: This column includes specimens for which expression was detected, not detected, not specified or ambiguous. Not specified is when the authors do not report whether a gel band is present or absent. Ambiguous is used when the authors specify it or our curators cannot discern from the author's description whether expression is present or absent. Because of the inclusion of Ambiguous and Not specified results in this column, the total number of results in this column may be greater than the sum of the results in the + and - columns.
+Number of times expression was detected in the structure.
-Number of times expression was found to be absent in the structure.