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Table pub.mgd.pwi_report Generated by
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id serial 10  √  nextval('pwi_report_id_seq'::regclass) Implied Constraint R
pwi_report_label.report_id pwi_report_label_report_id_fkey C
name text 2147483647
description text 2147483647  √  null
sql_text text 2147483647
report_author text 2147483647
requested_by text 2147483647
created timestamp 29,6 now()
last_run timestamp 29,6  √  now()
last_run_duration text 2147483647  √  null
report_views text 2147483647  √  null
type text 2147483647  √  null

Table contained 16 rows at Thu Dec 21 05:31 EST 2017

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
id Primary key, Used to cluster data Asc pwi_report_pkey
report_author Performance Asc pwi_report_idx_report_author
requested_by Performance Asc pwi_report_idx_requested_by

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