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Table pub.mgd.mgi_statistic
A record in this table represents one type of statistic for which we would like to record numeric measurements. See MGI_Measurement.

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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
_statistic_key int4 10
mgi_measurement._statistic_key mgi_measurement__statistic_key_fkey C
mgi_statistic_view._statistic_key Implied Constraint R
mgi_statisticsql._statistic_key mgi_statisticsql__statistic_key_fkey C
primary key
name text 2147483647 name of the statistic
abbreviation text 2147483647 a short abbreviation to uniquely identify this statistic (not for display)
definition text 2147483647  √  null a longer description of this statistic (what is being measured?)
isprivate int2 5 flag to indicate whether this statistic and its measurements are for public use (0) or only within MGI (1)
hasintvalue int2 5 flag to indicate whether measurements for this statistic will have integer values (1) or float values (0)

Table contained 66 rows at Mon May 07 06:18 EDT 2018

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
_statistic_key Primary key, Used to cluster data Asc mgi_statistic_pkey
abbreviation + _statistic_key Must be unique Asc/Asc mgi_statistic_idx_abbreviation

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