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Table pub.mgd.bib_dataset
A record in this table represents a MGI DataSet. Each DataSet corresonds to a curatorial area within MGI and enables us to index References to particular curatorial areas. Examples are Molecular Segments, Mapping, Gene Ontology.

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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
_dataset_key int4 10
bib_dataset_assoc._dataset_key bib_dataset_assoc__dataset_key_fkey R
primary key
dataset text 2147483647 data set name
abbreviation text 2147483647 data set abbreviation
inmgiprocedure text 2147483647  √  null stored procedure to check if given Reference is in this particular data set
sequencenum int4 10 sequence number for ordering records
isobsolete int2 5 if 1, then data set is obsolete
_createdby_key int4 10 1001
mgi_user._user_key bib_dataset__createdby_key_fkey R
user who created the record
_modifiedby_key int4 10 1001
mgi_user._user_key bib_dataset__modifiedby_key_fkey R
user who last modified the record
creation_date timestamp 29,6 now() date record was created
modification_date timestamp 29,6 now() date record was last modified

Table contained 14 rows at Thu Dec 21 05:31 EST 2017

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
_dataset_key Primary key, Used to cluster data Asc bib_dataset_pkey
abbreviation Performance Asc bib_dataset_idx_abbrev

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