Historical Perspective on the
Development of Inbred Mice

Herbert C. Morse III, Chairman
Richard T. Prehn, Co-chairman

1 Introduction
Herbert C. Morse III

2 Introductory Remarks
Helen C. Nauts

3 Introductory Remarks
Richard M. Krause

4 Introductory Remarks
Joe R. Held

5 Origins and History of Mouse Inbred Strains: Contributions of Clarence Cook Little
Elizabeth S. Russell

6 Inbred Mice in Science
Leonell C. Strong

7 The Creation of the AKR Strain, Whose DNA Contains the Genome of a Leukemia Virus
Jacob Furth

8 Howard B. Andervont
Margaret K. Deringer

9 Howard B. Andervont: An Appreciation
Michael B. Shimkin

10 Biography as Related to Inbred Strains of Experimental Animals
Walter E. Heston

11 Congenic Resistant Strains of Mice
George D. Snell

12 Brief Autobiography Related to Work on Inbred Mice
Margaret C. Green

13 A Brief Autobiography Relative to Work with Inbred and Mutant Mice
Earl L. Green

14 How It Began
Clyde Keeler