in situ Projects
Eurexpress ✩
GENSAT Gene Expression Nervous System Atlas Project
GUDMAPGenitoUrinary Development Molecular Anatomy Project
IMPCInternational Mouse Phenotyping Consortium
Mouse IDGenes

✩ = data from this resource has been fully integrated into GXD

Expression at MODs
Flybase The Drosophila Model Organism Database
GEISHA Chicken Embryo Gene Expression Database
Wormbase The C. elegans Model Organism Database
Xenbase The Xenopus Model Organism Database
ZEBrA The Zebra Finch Expression Brain Atlas
ZFIN The Zebrafish Model Organism Database
HT Resources
ENCODE Encyclopedia of DNA Elements
Expression Atlas Functional Genomics data at EMBL-EBI
GEO Gene Expression Omnibus
Additional Resources
FaceBase Craniofacial Data and Resources
SDB Society for Developmental Biology Educational Resources
The Node Community Site for Developmental Biologists