MGI assigns GO annotation by either manual curation of published experimental literature or automated electronic-based methods. The annotated records include the supporting references. MGI collaborates with several groups outside of MGI in collecting GO annotation for mouse genes. See GO Curators for the list of groups that provide annotations for mouse genes.

Electronic-based annotation strategies include:

  • mapping the Enzyme Commission (EC) numbers associated with a gene to the EC number attached to GO terms (referenced with J:72245)
  • translating SWISS-PROT "keywords" associated with a gene to appropriate GO terms (referenced with J:60000)
  • mapping InterPro domains associated with a gene to GO terms (referenced with J:72247)
  • associating GO terms to a gene, based upon proper gene nomenclature (referenced with J:56000).
    • For example, G-protein linked receptor activity genes can be annotated as:
      • Molecular Function: G protein linked receptor
      • Cellular Component: integral to plasma membrane
      • Biological Process: G-protein coupled receptor protein signaling pathway
  • reviewed computational alanysis (RCA) performed by the Riken consortium (attributed to MGI reference J:80000)

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